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What are gherkins and

why is India a leading producer

The word gherkin means a “small cucumber”.

Gherkins are edible fruit consumed in brine or vinegar after pickling.

Gherkin condiments are in high demand in Europe and North America. They are also popular in Asian countries and Australia.

Since the gherkin crop in Europe and North America is seasonal, though the product is in demand throughout the year, their local supply is only for three months, whereas it is for ten months in India.


How we process 

gherkins at our factories

IVPL’s two factories have adopted the best industry practices in gherkin processing to deliver the highest quality products to its customers, meeting international quality specifications and food safety standards.

IVPL’s extensive processes exceed industry standards to eliminate product defects and ensure the highest quality. IVPL uses a three-stage inspection and three-stage washing unique to the Indian gherkin industry. Such meticulous processing ensures that IVPL gherkins are defect free when customers receive the product at their foreign destinations.

Karnataka's ideal climate

for gherkin cultivation

Gherkins grow well in areas with temperature of 15 and 35℃. As such temperatures prevail round the year across Karnataka farmers with the ideal farm soil now find gherkin cultivation a viable alternative to growing traditional crops.


We are different

Unique Selling Points

Raw materials sourced only from Farmers


Sustainable & Good Agricultural Practices


Social Compliance From Farm To Factory


Leadership Team Of Industry Experts


Sustainability & livelihoods through

gherkin cultivation

Approximately 50,000 small and marginal farmers with one or lesser acre land holdings in Karnataka have stopped growing traditional crops by switching to gherkin cultivation.

Such farmers are now protected from market vagaries by gherkin contract farming for exporters. Moreover, unlike traditional crops, gherkins assure farmers of a guaranteed purchase by the gherkin exporters like IVPL.

Indus Vegpro's

ten-point sustainability programme

The company has analysed the environmental impact of all its activities and ensured that it achieves business results through optimised energy use and minimal environmental impact.

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One thousand words



Global Standards Certification

Food Safety Standards Certificate

IVPL factories have Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised Food Safety Standards Certificate (FSSC) 2000 accreditation recognised from DNV-GL.

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